Louis Abel is a creative project exploring different elements of design and expression to create jewelry and objects. The brand was founded on a quest for freedom, guided by a mission to melt emotions and personal stories into jewelry. The brand operates from their self-owned jewelry workshop in the Swedish town of Borås, where each piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted. The forms that come to life reflect the brand’s core value of creative freedom, often resulting in unexpected shapes and textures interacting to become new creations.

Founder and designer

The brand’s founder and designer, Jimmy Kamhieh Loutfi, has a background in mechanical engineering. After earning his BSc in 2013 at the age of 23, he spent several years designing systems and technical components for the heavy industry across various sectors. It wasn’t until Jimmy was 26 years old, when someone close to him gifted him his first piece of silver jewelry, that he realized the metals he had learned to shape could be so much more than just for function and construction. It was a highly emotional medium. He fell in love with jewelry and set out to learn everything he could about the craft.

With a know-how in manufacturing, Jimmy rented a small workshop space in his hometown, Borås, to start experimenting with the design of precious metals. Having no experience in traditional jewelry design resulted in a different approach to the craft, often exploring innovative methods and processes to bring the pieces to life. His technical background, combined with a fascination for irregular curves and textures, translates into unconstrained jewelry and objects that express emotion, becoming personal and meaningful creations.

AWARDS and nominations

Guldknappen, Accessory brand of the year (Nomination), 2020

Nordiska Kompaniet, Future Design promise (Winner), 2021

Scandinavian Business Awards – Best Nature-Inspired Jewellery Collection (Winner), 2022

Elle Awards, Accessory Designer of the Year (Winner), 2024

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