Louis Abel’s home and headquarters is our atelier, located in an industrial area on the outskirts of Borås, Sweden. Amidst the heavy machinery and industry is where Louis Abel started and continues to live to this day. Our atelier is the heart and soul of the brand, where all our pieces are created.

One of our core values is to prioritize local production, where we oversee every step of the process. We sketch and design every piece in-house. Once the molding and casting of the product are done, every piece is hand-finished in our atelier by the Louis Abel Goldsmiths.

Prioritizing local production enables us to maintain control over manufacturing and design, while also aiding in waste reduction and minimizing our ecological footprint.


We take pride in our ability to freely create jewelry without constraints. The journey from sketch to a finished piece of jewelry is extensive and non-linear. Our design process involves a blend of traditional techniques, freehand sketching, and sculpting in 3D, allowing us to explore without limitations at every stage. Once the design is finalized, the piece is cast and then hand-finished at our atelier.

Our silversmiths hand-finish each raw silver cast. After removing excess material, the raw casts undergo multiple rounds of sanding, polishing, and finishing until they meet our high standards. The journey from raw cast to finished product is a process of craftsmanship, and we are proud to be able to do it all at our atelier.

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